Friday, November 16, 2007

Of Viruses and Vitality

Most of my household has undergone a stomach virus attack this week. I have been the most recent contestant in the battle. Every illness feels like the worst thing, I suppose, but I would take the hacking cough and aches of the flu which made up my last significant illness, when I was 8 months pregnant no less, to throwing up 25 times in the space of seven hours.

And yet, who am I to complain? Today I was privileged to hear, at least 5,000 times, that beautiful word "Mama." It is hard for my children to be deprived of the normal rhythm of their lives, as well it should be. Whether their sickness or mine, or worst -- both at the same time -- it is an extra challenge for them to not find the comfort within themselves or within their Mommy that they are used to. It is a gift to be used to good things, but it is also a gift to stop for a moment and realize you are used to good things. And it is a gift beyond compare for me to realize that I am a source of good things for my precious littlies. I know too well that it could all be very different.

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