Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Creativity and the Future of Education

Anyone concerned about creativity, children, education, or the future will benefit from investing 19 minutes into watching this video! Sir Ken Robinson talks about creativity and the future of education.

You can also visit: to view the video.

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Suzanne said...

Marie, thank you very much for sharing this video! I found what Robinson says so compelling. I wish I could have a transcript of his talk, to look at it even more closely. As a mother, I think about the things he speaks about and about how important it is for me to "make up" for all the holes I see in my children's education -- by providing them with dance, music and art instruction -- but also by exposing them to all that their "formal" education lacks -- meeting and really sharing the planet with people who are different (from other countries), learning how to listen in a way that opens multiple possibilities, rather than yielding one answer, responding to nature in its wonder, recognizing beauty that cannot be categorized or analyzed. And as a catechist, I am particularly sensitive to how the prevailing method of education is so inadequate when it is used for attempting to educate about God, the Infinite, love, moral questions, meaning, hope, wonder. As Father Giussani says, peace is a war! We will always have to face these questions, because human beings will always have the temptation and the impulse to remake the world according to their own measure, according to a standard of success that we, in our littleness, can actually attain under our own steam.