Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kyrie Eleison

Could you please say a prayer for our Bishop and our diocese?

This week it was publicly announced that a priest in the next county has been accused of sexual assault of a then-minor girl (some 16 years ago). The priest protests his innocence, but by policy the Bishop still must remove him from active priestly service pending criminal investigation and inquiry from Rome.

Also, it was announced in parishes this weekend that the much-contested plans to build a cathedral are going to be scrapped, and a new plan of action drawn up. The Cathedral project has been a major element of division and pain, especially in our town which is the seat of the diocese. And in my opinion some Catholics have badly embarrassed themselves in their public attacks against the Bishop, in both the Catholic and secular newspapers.

I am reminded of words I just read of Fr. Guissani:

The poor man is he who is certain of a few great things, so that–certain of a few great things–he builds the cathedral and lives in a hovel, a hundred thousand times more a man than those whose ultimate horizon is a totally comfortable apartment and then, if that desire is fulfilled, goes so far as to give an offering for the Church. Poor: certain of a few great things. Why does poverty mean being certain? Because certainty means abandoning oneself, overcoming oneself; it means that I am tiny, nothing, and that the true and great thing is an Other; this is poverty. This is the poverty that makes us full and free..

We are a materially poor diocese, relative to the rest of the country, but I fear we lack in this Great Poverty as well.

I appreciate your prayers for us, that Christ truly would shine on us in His grace, truth, and healing.

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