Monday, November 05, 2007

November Message

This is the monthly message given to the woman known as Anne.

The Allegiance prayer referred to is this: "Father in heaven, I pledge my allegiance to you. My life, my heart, and my work are all yours. In turn, I ask for the grace to be obedient to your every direction to the fullest possible extent."

November 1, 2007


My beloved apostle, I understand your struggles. You are becoming holier and yet you do not think you are making progress. Dear one, can you accept that the holier you become, the more holiness you crave? Can you accept that the more you become aware of your own flaws, the more willing you are to accept flaws in others? I am at peace that you are coming to know Me better. Each day brings growth of some kind for you, even if that growth originates in mistakes acknowledged and corrected. I understand you, dear apostle. I know that on some days you are ready for the battle of holiness and that on some days you feel you are not strong enough for the battle. This is what I want to tell you. You rise each day and pledge your allegiance to the Father. This commitment of your day insures that your Father takes you each day in the condition He finds you. Each weakness is used to increase your humility and illuminate for you the path to transformation. Do not become discouraged by the need for improvement. If you but continue on the path you have embarked upon, you will experience greater holiness. It can be no other way because those who pledge allegiance to the Father are cared for in every detail. Our greatest goal for you is holiness because only in holiness will you find peace and joy. Look around you. How many have committed themselves to holiness as you have committed yourself to holiness? If you look at others, you will see that the Saviour can count only a few as His committed apostles. And yet, every person, regardless of their condition, longs for the holiness you seek, even if their longing is denied and ignored. My heart is moved to such pity for those who do not seek Me. Let your heart also be moved to pity. Show constant compassion, never judgement, to those who do not understand what they lack. I am trying to show you, My beloved apostle,that you have begun a journey that must be taken by each person who will spend eternity in the family of God. If others delay the journey, that is their affair. My beloved apostles understand that this journey, the journey to holiness, is the most important journey they will ever take. This is your first priority, My friends. Continue to make your pledge and I will see to it that you become holier.

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Mathochist said...

Boy, did I need to hear this today! Thanks!