Monday, October 01, 2007

Foods Meme

Gee, my very first tag, courtesy of Donna, and my very first meme. The idea is to take the name of my blog and associate food with each letter.

Now, I could be completely linguistically correct and do this by the four Japanese hiragana that make up my blog name (or I could use the kanji if I knew them). But I won't do that. Let's see if I can at least keep a theme (and make it more challenging) by using Japanese foods!

N - Natto. Disgusting fermented stringy soy bean stuff.
A - Ampan. Or maybe you spell it anpan. As I recall, this is bread with a meat paste inside. Sort of tasty little fast food bit, like an American might buy pizza rolls from the grocery store.
R- Ringo. Which is Japanese for apple. Which is why they had That Member of the Beatles eating an apple for some big ad promo some years back.
U - Udon. Until I stopped eating wheat, this had to rank as my #1 favorite noodle in the world. Pure starch, but just so yummy with the traditional fish broth.

H - Hakusai. This was one of my favorite vegetables in Japan. I believe it is in the family of Chinese cabbage or Napa cabbage.
O -Ocha. What a cheater word. Japanese green tea. Very tasty, though.
D - Donburi. Really it should be Yaku Donburi, I think, which when translated is "fried" Donburi. That's a way to cover the fact that I don't remember exactly what it is. Something with rice and eggs, and maybe some meat. Another home style fast food item.
O - Okonomiyaki. This is a regional specialty that changes a bit by location. Especially popular in Hiroshima. Sold by street vendors and featuring cabbage, egg and flour fried up in a pancake and topped with squid, shrimp, bacon, maybe some veggies, some seaweed, maybe a good dollop of mayonnaise.

I did it! I'm impressed!

This has caused me some serious introspective thought on why my blog has a Japanese name when that association is not generally a pleasant thing for me. Hmmm....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating! =) I really enjoyed reading about the japanese food! =)

Now we can both say we have participated in a "ME ME"!