Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More CL Musings

I think maybe I should change the name of this blog to "The Daily Introspect". Whaddya think?!

So I managed my little spiel last night, complete with spontaneously breaking into a Led Zeppelin tune. Fortunately, other than that I don't remember what I said, so I won't have to cringe over it. What it boiled down to was the CL's School of Community is a place to learn to love as Christ does. And that, yepper, I sure do need that.

The funny thing is, when listening to others speak about CL and their experience with it, I sense this "there it is" moment. It's like their words release a butterfly that flits about, but then when they stop talking, it's gone and I can't see it anymore. And I know that butterfly is the most beautiful, amazing thing and is THE answer that I search for, but I only see it when I'm listening to someone else. It's almost like a new game the Lord is playing with me. Calling to me....

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