Saturday, October 06, 2007


I've been drawn to pray with the 40 Days for Life campaign. In doing so, I am reminded first of the words of Jesus as mediated by the locutionist Anne. As I posted here, Jesus states:

You are not called to change the world. I am called to change the world. You are called to represent Me accurately so that I have the opportunity with each soul you encounter. Through your love, your kindness and your gentleness, you will create heavenly opportunities for Me in the people around you.

Accordingly, my prayer really has been for conversion of heart for everyone involved with the location being picketed, but especially for those who are praying and keeping vigil. It brings back to mind once again this post which was reflecting upon this post. How are the abortionists to be converted, how are the parents or boyfriends or husbands to be converted, how are women's minds and courses of action to be changed without encountering the love of Christ? Abortion is a spiritual battle. Anytime there is a choice to be made about grave sin (several grave sins, here), there is a spiritual battle. And this brings to mind again our most recent discussion at School of Community about the unpredictable pathways that freedom open up. If we are truly free, if we truly are in touch with Reality, our hearts will correspond to love. Our hearts will see love, and run to it, be drawn to it, and keep being free.

This tells me that the correct posture in bearing witness to life is one of being firmly grounded in Reality, to be firmly standing in Christ, means at least to exercise all His gentleness and kindness, and to allow His love to emanate. Part of standing firm in Christ is to truly know sorrow when human freedom leads to choices for sin. But to balance that, if one can put it that way, with knowledge of our own human failings, and repentance for them, and knowledge that we continue to be loved by God. Every sinner is loved by God with infinite longing, and, as Liturgy tells us, it is proof of his almighty power that He forgives. Again, Anne delivers these words:

At no time should you fear that I do not have a perfect plan for you. Sometimes you make decisions that are not consistent with My plan. Sometimes these decisions cause you pain and cause others pain. It is most especially at these times that you should seek Me because I will adapt My plan for you to fit your present circumstances. I am always seeking to bring you closer to Me, never more so than when you believe you have left the path through temptation or sin. When should you believe that you are on your own? Never. In which circumstances will My heart be so hardened that I will refuse to rush in with forgiveness and grace and an alternative plan for you? Such circumstances do not exist. My dearest little apostles, be assured of My willingness to work with you in each moment, regardless of your condition in that moment. In humanity, there are moments of such holiness that even heaven stops to marvel. In humanity, there are also moments of weakness and cruelty. Please believe that heaven takes the bad with the good and moves each willing soul toward greater and greater good.

John Michael Talbot once said that we succeed in spiritual warfare by repenting of our own sin. That seems to sum it up well.

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