Thursday, October 04, 2007

September and October, 2007 Messages from Anne

I've been a bit remiss posting the monthly messages given to Anne. Here they are:

September 1, 2007

Dear apostles, I send you a spirit of gentleness. Because you are called to treat others as I treated others, you are called to be gentle with all those around you. This call to gentleness in no way diminishes the call to live in the truth. If you preach the truth as I did, gently, you will draw others to us and to unity of thought and action. In this time, when it is so important that souls be brought back into the family of God, we must be ever so careful to be gentle with others in each interaction. I am Jesus. I am filled with love for each soul you encounter, regardless of their condition. View each person through My love and treat them with My gentleness. My dearest apostle, in order to allow yourself to heal from any wounds you yourself suffer, you must allow Me to minister to you. I am tender hearted with your failings. Remember this and do not turn away from Me when you feel you have failed. If you do not allow Me to minister to you during periods of unrest, you will be vulnerable to the distortions which can be sown by the enemy. Apostles walking with Me inspire hope in the world. This is the plan. But My friends must remember that apostles walking with Me also inspire fear in the enemy. The enemy's fear causes him to lash out at the friends of the Returning King. Be at peace in this as it has always been this way and there is no reason for anything but confidence in My plan for each day of every life. At the same time, be prepared to do battle for your holiness as I did battle. If you remain with Me, the battles will make you stronger and holier. That is My goal. Accept the gentle ministrations of your Saviour in silence and you will then be an able carrier of this gentleness to others. Beloved friends, so loyal to your God, you will stand out if you are gentle and it is this that I need from you. I need you to stand out as calm and gentle representatives of the different way. The world will remember you for your gentleness if you allow Me to teach you. You are not called to change the world. I am called to change the world. You are called to represent Me accurately so that I have the opportunity with each soul you encounter. Through your love, your kindness and your gentleness, you will create heavenly opportunities for Me in the people around you. I will never miss an opportunity, I promise you. I make the best possible use of your efforts. I thank you, dear friend. Your fidelity to the Father will not be forgotten.

October 1, 2007
My beloved apostles, please be alert to My will. At no time should you fear that I do not have a perfect plan for you. Sometimes you make decisions that are not consistent with My plan. Sometimes these decisions cause you pain and cause others pain. It is most especially at these times that you should seek Me because I will adapt My plan for you to fit your present circumstances. I am always seeking to bring you closer to Me, never more so than when you believe you have left the path through temptation or sin. When should you believe that you are on your own? Never. In which circumstances will My heart be so hardened that I will refuse to rush in with forgiveness and grace and an alternative plan for you? Such circumstances do not exist. My dearest little apostles, be assured of My willingness to work with you in each moment, regardless of your condition in that moment. In humanity, there are moments of such holiness that even heaven stops to marvel. In humanity, there are also moments of weakness and cruelty. Please believe that heaven takes the bad with the good and moves each willing soul toward greater and greater good. Heaven draws you away from temptation and away from the pain of sin. I am good, My friends, as My Father is good. You, My beloved apostles, are called to resemble Me and be good also. You strive for this, I know. Today I ask that each apostle consider that I treated others with kindness. I have instructed you about gentleness and today I instruct you about kindness. Little apostles, the hearts of others are easily wounded. Can you remember when someone treated you unkindly? Do you remember your pain? I was treated unkindly at times and My heart felt this same pain. We do not want this for others. We want others to understand that God loves them and you, My friends, will do that when you treat them with the kindness of the Father. I will help you if you allow Me. I will teach you to remain silent in the presence of other's faults and I will teach you to speak openly about their strengths. Pause again and try to think of a kindness that was shown to you. Do you remember how you felt at that time? You felt grateful, did you not? You felt steadied. I want to flow through you to others. You will allow Me to do so if you work each day on being kind to each person you encounter. Their pain will lessen because of your kindness. The pain of the whole world will be reduced if each of My beloved apostles learns to be kind. Begin by being kind to yourself. I accept you, My friend. You must accept yourself. Be at peace in My love for you. I do not give you an instruction without also giving you the grace to carry it out so now I will teach you about kindness.

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