Sunday, September 30, 2007

Is This Who I Am?

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I saw this type of badge on Stacy's blog and thought I would try it out. Interestingly enough, 13 years ago I tested as an INFP, but my Thinking/Feeling component was very borderline. I think that becoming a mother has required me to shift my brain circuitry a bit; I need to be more analytical in my thinking. Then again, this is only a little on-line test and not the full Myers-Briggs test.

I thought the multiple intelligences thing was interesting. Perhaps my intelligences are not that multiple! See those three at the bottom of my list? They are probably the top three on my son's list. That makes life interesting. Also interesting is that the level that is the lowest, so low that it didn't make it onto the badge, is "Interpersonal Intelligence". In other words, I don't know beans about how to relate to others. How's that for a grand self-esteem boost?


Anonymous said...

Howdy...guess what? I tagged you! =)

Mathochist said...

Thanks for taking it. I love looking at other peoples' results! I didn't realize there was one of the intelligences that got left off. Now that I do, I am NOT SURPRISED that mine was visual/spatial. Which is kind of ironic since my degree is in Math.

I wouldn't worry about your interpersonal skills unless your loved ones and/or close friends start complaining about them. ;)