Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You Think You Know Your Family, and Then....

It was confirmed to me today that I have one line of my genealogy all messed up. It was a line that I "gathered" when I was rather new to genealogy, and thought finding what someone else had pieced together and posted on the Internet was proof of lineage. It was confusing even back then, and there had always been some red flags.

But keeping that line supposedly meant I was descended from Rev. John Robinson, the pastor of the congregation that left England, moved to Leyden, Holland, and later came to the New World on a boat called the Mayflower. Rev. John sent his congregation ahead of him and died in Holland, but his son Isaac emigrated some years later and was the patriarch of a large Robinson family in New England.

But he's not my ancestor. :-P

So in reality I'm descended from some ordinary, non-famous Robinson line.

Hmm... Maybe I still have a shot at being related to the famous Mrs. Robinson of Simon and Garfunkel fame! Ya think?!

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