Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August 1, 2012 Lay Apostles Message

For the first of every month the Lord has given a message for all apostles and this message should be read at the prayer groups.

August 1, 2012


Dear apostles, how I long for your fidelity. One apostle remaining faithful and attentive can bring about an enormous amount of change in the world over the course of his life. But there is a great deal of distraction around matters which are of small consequence. These distractions obscure matters of greater importance and indeed even matters of urgency. Dear apostles, I am inspiring the faithful leaders in My Church to point to Me and to those matters which are of concern to Me. Will you, My faithful apostles, listen to your leaders? Or will you be distracted? Will you pursue My goal for you by allowing Me to live through your yes answer to Me? If I have your fidelity, then you will be richly blessed and the world will be richly blessed, also. If I have your fidelity, I will consider you a friend, the closest of confidantes, and you will come to understand what is in My heart. I am the King of love and there is only love in My heart for humanity. It is for this reason that I have alerted you and called you into dedicated service as My apostle. If you recognise Me, Jesus Christ, as your King, then you must remain firmly fixed on service to Me. I will not abandon you. I will remain firmly fixed on you and together we will bring about a merciful renewal for all who crave love. Be deeply peaceful. I am with you. All is well.

This is to be the last of the "real time" messages delivered for the Lay Apostles' prayer groups. To read more about this movement, check out

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