Friday, March 19, 2010

"Kids Say the Darndest Things" Fridays

I've been invited to participate in a blog hop of funny stories of what kids say. This is a change of pace for this heavy blog, which is nice.

This story transpired several weeks ago, when my 8-year-old son was distraught over the fact that Lego is no longer going to be producing Bionicles. He loves Bionicles. He has Mama's crusading bug, so he was busy making fliers advertising a petition to the Lego company to reconsider their decision. He took them door to door to some friends' houses. During a car trip he and I and my 4-year-old daughter were discussing his approach to spreading the word. A man of action, he simply introduced the issue by telling people "Bionicle is going!"

So my daughter, ever the eloquent one, chimed in: "I think you'd better say instead 'The Bionicle product line is being discontinued.'"

She was hired as PR consultant on the spot.


Marie said...

Oops! I forgot to say that you should go here to see the rest of those who hopped on this blog hop, or to add your own.

Lucy said...

That girl is going places!!!

Too cute!

Come back again next Friday for more. We're also doing pro-life Tuesdays!

Anne said...

Your daughter is brilliant!

I love the picture of Jesus Christ the Returning King-beautiful!

Molly said...

Those 2 make a great team. :D

When my brother and I were 9 and 8, we started a dog walking business-hand-written flyers on scratch paper dropped off door to door on our street. Eventually, my ingenuous brother figured out how to make business cards on the computer-so here's this 9 year old passing out business cards for "Dollar a Dog". We eventually got 8 dogs-split between us it was 4 dollars a day. :D

Oh, and come back on Tuesday for the Pro-Life Tuesday blog hop (post about a pro-life thingy you know of).