Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Michael Talbot Testimony

The other night my son and I stayed up far too late listening to the entirety of John Michael Talbot's personal testimony as recorded on these YouTube videos. (They should really be called audios in this case, for that is what they are essentially: audios with a slide show.) I don't know what year this was recorded, though I imagine it wasn't that recent.

It is no wonder to me that this man's spirit resonates with me so. I am remembering the time being on pilgrimage with him in the Holy Land. I saw that his lightheartedness is real and yet there is a certain ferocity in his ability to wield the truth authoritatively (as captured in a moment when he tells the audience, I think it is in part three or four, that it is not funny how well he was able to lead people out of the Catholic Church in his Protestant days). I really respect that latter capacity. It gives me hope to see how love can shape a soul.

When we finished listening, my son asked "Can we invite him over for dinner?" I assured him that we certainly could, though I'm not sure the chance to fulfill the invitation will come during this life.

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