Wednesday, September 05, 2012

September 1 Message -- Direction for our Times

The cycle of messages given has now finished, and we double back to the beginning for the prayer groups and personal reflection.

September 1, 2005
"God's little children know great suffering on earth, it is true. There will always be those who are suffering. Extend the greatest love and assistance to those who carry the cross because you will carry it one day and you will then benefit from the help of others. Dear brothers and sisters, all is well. I can say that all is well because I view all from the perspective of heaven. Can I ask you to share that view with Me? I will give you this view, if you are willing to accept it. From heaven I see that souls cry out to Me. They ask for a relief from darkness. I am sending relief, My dear faithful ones. I am sending great conversion graces. There are times when a child is having trouble and the child cannot see how to solve a problem or remove himself from a situation. The parent sees more clearly, of course, and often understands what the child requires to recover. What parent is unfamiliar with the protesting cry of the child who wants to do it his own way, despite the danger of the child's intended path? The parent must then step in and avert the child's course, showing the child the better and safer way. Such protests a parent must endure. But a good parent perseveres in the course that will benefit the child in the long run. I am the parent in this time. I am looking at the world and I have decided that it is time to pierce the darkness with My light. I have told this to My beloved apostles. Please trust Me. Please support Me. Please do as I ask and examine your role in the Renewal each morning, when you offer Me your day. I will then continue to flow My light through you into the world. Dearest friends, I am your Saviour. I do not abandon you. Do you understand that heaven is your intended destination? Do not object when others come to heaven. It is for this they were born on the earth. I understand earthly grief. You know that I understand because I experienced great human grieving on earth. I will comfort you. I will sustain you. You have been asked to spread My heavenly calm. All is well. You know this because I am telling you this. You are one who believes your God. Spread My calm, My grace, My joy. Will you support your Jesus in everything? It is this I am asking of you. Rest joyfully in your soul with Me. I will give you exactly what is needed for your world and you will be a holy carrier of My grace. I am with you. Rejoice."

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J said...

One of the biggest obstacles in my life is that I cannot trust that Christ went through so much more suffering than I did. I just turned 33 this year; Christ died when he was 33. Why does He get to die at 33 while, thanks to modern medicine, I'll probably live to at least twice that age? Why does He get the out now, while I don't get the out? I'd take the physical suffering on the cross, thank you, instead of having to live another 33 years of uncertainty, never knowing when pain will strike.

I can intellectually assent to the usual formula that Christ, being God, and and being without sin, suffering human rejection and pain way more than us sinful humans who have developed calluses on our heart. Unfortunately, this knowledge has not penetrated my emotional and spiritual life, and I simply resent that God got out early while I'm still stuck here. It is all good for God to give me consolations and miracles, but did He really suffer like I do?