Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Minoh Pictures

I'm cheating again.

But here are some pictures of Minoh City, Japan, where I lived for two years.

This is an aerial view of the city from the outdoor bathing area of a hotel. (No, I never stayed there, but it was near my apartment.) It was just a tad more crowded than my current town (!)

This is the famous waterfall that is at the top of the moutain about a mile from where I lived. Tourists pack this place in the fall, but it is beautiful all year long. I keep having a recurring dream about going to Japan to show my family this waterfall, but never quite getting there.

And this, I just learned this evening, is the flag of Minoh. I saw it all over, but I always thought it meant either "recycling" or that it was the emblem of the public sanitation department. Oops!

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Sue said...

I saw your blog in someone else's sidebar, and the Japanese name caught my eye. I was wondering what the story behind that was, and I see that you lived here for a couple of years. Minoh is in (near?) Osaka, right?

I am in Saitama, just north of Tokyo. Just thought I'd say "hi". I am enjoying reading through your blog.