Friday, June 01, 2007

Analyze and Respond: June 1 DFOT Message

Some years back I had an acquaintance who became famous (between hubby and I) for the phrase "analyze and respond". I believe I heard him utter it while as a passenger in his car, he waited for another driver to take the right of way at a 4-way intersection. (Folks are notorious around here for yielding when they should not.)

It's been a handy phrase. Analyze and respond.

I thought of it again when reading the June 1 Direction For Our Times message. We are called to constantly be in communication with Jesus and seeking His will. As I was reading in the Catechism this morning, key ingredients in discerning God's will include: being "sufficiently present to oneself" (CCC 1779), and having a well-formed conscience which formulates judgements according to reason (CCC 1783). And of course, lest I presume the obvious, let's not leave out assimilating the Word of God in faith and prayer (CCC 1802).

To discern the will of God, we must analyze what we have received from the Lord. And we must respond to it. As I have written about before, I have this strange tendency to fall down on the response factor. When we know and then do as instructed by the Lord, we can know that we are in process of discerning God's will. Because we never discern "standing still", right? We are in the process of walking with the Lord, or at least we should be. Perhaps this is why it seems hard sometimes to know what the Lord has for us, because in reality we have stopped walking with Him, and are trying to stand still. And we become unsure, life starts to feel unravel-ly. In order to know God's will, we have to be about doing the things He's already told us.

This is what I have been gleaning in prayer, and it is what I glean from today's message. That, and it's all wrapped up in the larger context of God's overarching plan, which includes bringing lost souls back to Him through us.

The message follows:

June 1, 2007 Jesus

Heavenly consideration is the compass which will insure a true course for each apostle. In every situation, consider heaven's goals for you and for those around you. The apostle who gives thoughtful consideration to heaven's goals will be known for speaking less, rather than more. This apostle will make decisions in My company, aware of My goals. I would ask each of My apostles to practice this today. Move into your day gently,aware that I may wish to adjust your course several times. You expect one thing, perhaps. But I, your Jesus, may need something else from you. You are committed to a certain plan, perhaps. But I your Jesus, may have chosen a different plan altogether. Only with thoughtful consideration will you be alert to My will in each situation. Apostles, you have been prepared to serve in the manner that I require you to serve. You have been taught many things about holiness. If you are humble, you are aware that there are many things still to be learned about holiness. If you are humble, you may protest, saying, "Jesus, I am not ready. I must become holier still." I understand your weaknesses and struggles. I do not fear the limits of your humanity. I have factored your weaknesses into the plan I have for you. You should never be afraid that you lack the holiness to complete the mission that I have willed for you. I will make you holy if you proceed according to My directions. You shall have all you need.Please begin to use all that you have been taught. Begin to see others as I see others, in need of love and tolerance. You have been taught not to make judgements. Do not make judgements. You have been taught to spend time in silence. Spend time in silence. You have been taught to trust Me.Trust in Me now, today. You have been taught not to be afraid of the future. Do not fear the future. Dear apostles, you have been taught to pray. Pray. Now, today, every day. Pray. Ask Me for mercy for this world.Ask Me for conversion graces for this world. Ask Me for the Spirit of truth in such an abundance that all eyes will be opened to God's truth. My beloved faithful apostles, I want you to use everything you have been given to serve Me so that others may be saved. I am with you. I will direct you in each moment. You must be at peace so that others can learn about peace.You must be calm so that others can learn about calm. Do not underestimate the power of setting an example of heavenly consideration. It is this consideration in each apostle that will ultimately allow Me to reclaim a multitude of souls for the Father.

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