Thursday, January 26, 2012

Because Your Love is Better than Life

Dear Jesus,

At different times in my life you have called to me. You've called to me through the presence, the concern, the service, the love of a lot of people. I've not noticed them all, I'm sure. But that didn't stop you from sending me more people who've helped me to see your face and know your heart. Now I know for sure that you love me and I can trust you, even when I don't understand.

What's more, Jesus, I know You do this sort of thing for everyone. And you can do this through everyone. I know that, just as I wouldn't have the exact certainty of Your love that I have, were it not for certain people I've known, so You've worked it out that other people out there are not going to have their certainty of Your love for them without me.

So, for the people who need me in order to see You, I pray, dear Jesus. I pray for me: help me to stay extremely sensitive to You and Your movements and Your love for all. I pray for them: help them to open their hearts to You in love and trust.

For your love, oh Lord, is better than life! (Ps. 63:4)


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