Monday, July 23, 2007

Witness for Life

Ok, I REALLY need to get to bed. But what transpired today was so fitting a followup of Saturday's post that I need to write about it.

After Mass this morning, Father says "and now Randall Terry will come and say a few words to us..." I'm thinking, "you mean THE Randall Terry, the one that all of Risen Savior Fellowship (my pre-Catholic fellowship) held in such hugely high esteem as a man truly and bravely following God's will? He's here? (And he's a Catholic?)"

Well, of course he's Catholic, I think to myself as he starts to talk.

He talked about recruiting teens and 20-somethings for a movement of events across the nation with the aim of not fighting abortion, but ending it. End. The. End. The rally will be in the Philadelphia area on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

My heart stirs.

I'm not a teen or 20 something, nor available to go around the country, but I can pray.

You can read more about it at

Then tonight as I was reading prolife websites, I came across this website about 40 days for life. Another movement that will be concerted across the whole country which will begin September 26 and end November 4. Prayer, fasting, sacrifice, 24/7 prayer at abortion businesses and Planned Parenthood offices, pro-life canvassing, etc. All at the same time in cities throughout the country.

My heart stirs again.

So much so that I can't even write more now. I have to ponder it.

Please do the same.

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