Sunday, May 20, 2007


The steps are nearly bare. They haven't been scrubbed yet to remove the bits of glue (or perhaps melted foam pad?) from the rise of some steps, nor the dirt. Remaining are the strip off the last step that covers the rising portion, and the top step and landing. And of course, the rest of the steps going up, the hall way, the bedrooms, the living room and the downstairs hallway.

But I do think they look lovely, in a worn, homey sort of way.

Compare with the "before" picture showing the steps:


Lorna said...

Hi Marie,

Yes, definitely Oak, I can see it now with the patina of the stairs, they look fantastic.

I know you don't want to strip the varnish off the floors, stairs and woodwork right now, but Oak is actually a light coloured wood, which in times past was usually covered with a dark varnish or shellac. It is very beautiful when it is allowed to stay light too.

I apologise for talking about clutter, I was only meaing it in a general "have kids = have clutter" sort of way.

I love the idea of light sage green on your walls, that someone suggested.

Marie said...

Hi Lorna,

Clutter is simply a fact of life; no need to apologize! I do wonder often though if we aren't the most cluttered family ever...

I just visited a neighbor with very similar woodwork on a smaller scale. They have bare floors and sanded for a lighter shade, and it does look beautiful. Cherry with kind of a glossy varishy look to it is my favorite. I noted they have pink walls, but they also have a pink themed stained glass window in their front room...

Beate said...

I love the stairs :-) When I was small, my grandmother's house had not one, but two flights of wooden stairs. My cousin and I used to sit on a big feather pillow and bounce all the way down - wheeeeee!!