Monday, May 07, 2018

A Word to Steubenville's Intercessors

Yesterday during worship a phrase and image came to my mind that I have been praying with, and feel I should share with others, particularly others who are intercessors in and for the community of Steubenville.

Namely, that we need to pray for the conversion of the kingpins in our community.

In craftsman's terms, a kingpin is a main bolt in a central position. Other things pivot (or not) only because of the kingpin. Of course, it also refers to someone who acts like a boss who is essential to the functioning of any kingdom. 

Spiritually speaking, these are the people who are not only in bondage, but who are also in a significant position to hold others back from going forward with the Lord. 

Can we agree to pray for these people? (God knows who they are; we certainly cannot.) Let's pray injections of grace all around them and their lives, that the strongholds operating through them would be weakened, then broken, and that those whose lives they affect would be freed from the power of this bondage. Pray also that those in positions to minister to those being freed would get ready and attuned to what the Lord desires to pour out.

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