Friday, February 07, 2014

I Am Coming to Move Among Them

This morning as Jesus was exposed upon our church altar for adoration, this is what occurred to me.

I am this girl:

I am a beggar before God.
And I live among beggars.
There is no shame in this. It is simply our status before God the creator of all. He is incredibly good.

Beggars are not always incredibly good. Mostly we are incredibly needy. And most of us don't like that at all.

Some of us don't like it so much that we start to hurt each other and become very bad. Our need and pain makes us merciless.

I know Jesus loves us so much. I come and tell Him, "Lord, they don't know You, and they are hurting each other!"

And suddenly I am overwhelmed by the compassion erupting in Jesus' heart in answer to this summons. "I am coming to move among them."

That, my friends, is His promise to the world and His call to the Church.

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