Thursday, March 28, 2013

St. Claude on Friendship

Two years ago during the Holy Triduum, the Lord brought this to my attention, as if with bold, flashing neon. I knew exactly what it meant for me. I responded in the way I knew He wanted. I remember exactly where I was: standing in front of my washing machine, putting laundry in. My life has been profoundly changed by this in ways I am still unpacking.

God's ways are like that.

I feel myself moved to imitate the simplicity of God in my affections, loving him only, cherishing no other love but this, which is easy since I find in God all that I can love elsewhere.

But my friends: they love me and I love them. Thou seest this and I feel it, O my God, who art alone good, alone lovable. Must I sacrifice these to thee since thou desirest to have me entirely? I will make this sacrifice with my whole heart, since thou dost forbid me to share my friendship with any creature. Accept this painful sacrifice, but in exchange, my divine Savior, be thou their friend. As thou wilt take their place with me, take my place with them. I will remind thee of them daily in my prayers, and of what thou owest them in me in promising to be my substitute. Jesus, be thou their friend, their sole and real friend! Jesus, be my friend, since thou commandest me to be thine.

St. Claude de la Colombiere
Spiritual Notes, Lyons, 1674

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