Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sense Nonsense

Recently my friend Mike Aquilina sent me a copy of a manuscript entitled Sense Nonsense by his friend Francisco J. Garcia-Julve. I've been reading it over the last several days. It is a unique sort of book, made up entirely of short sayings, bits of wisdom, and thought-provoking one-liners. These sayings are intended to get you to think, or,  as the book's website suggests, to "rethink everything you've ever known."

If you like stuff that makes you think you'll love this. Sometimes the pithiness of the sayings makes me wish the author would develop a whole thought further so that I could know his mind on the subject more deeply rather than leaving that for me to do. But of course that is exactly the point. I kept thinking how some of these would make great starters for bloggers, novelists or human interest writers, or perhaps even preachers, who need something to set their minds on a new path. Here are a random two that could easily inspire creative writing projects: "Pride turns qualities into defects." "Acceptance turns failure into triumph." 

Topics of these proverbs range from political theory to social interaction to science and one's response to grace and the call of Christ. In other words, no area of human life is left without some prodding. There's a lot of word play involved ("If you ever find everything all right, you should wonder what may be going wrong for everything to go so right."). Somehow I think this would be a perfect book to read when traveling by plane. I don't know about you, but I can't focus on reading for long when flying, but this is perfectly suited to reading for a while, pausing to stare out the window and think, and then read a bit more.

You can get yours here.

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