Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Repent, And Believe the Good News!

Jesus Christ the Returning King

I've always liked best the way it is said in Japanese: kaishin shite, fukuin wo shinji-nasai. The very literal translation of this is: I command you to turn completely around and believe the gospel. Regardless of which formula the priest uses who signs me with ashes, that is what I always hear repeating in my heart.

My heart aches, clumsily, with an ardent love for Our Lord Jesus, who tells me most emphatically He is with me. Not watching from heaven, but with me intimately, experiencing everything in my life as I do, seeing my life, as through my eyes. And what does He think as that happens? Ah, meditating on that changes what I see, too. I was so blessed to hear Anne, a lay apostle of Direction for our Times speak about this last night at my parish.

Here are the lyrics for the opening ceremonies of my Lent this year. I believe I will be making the very first music download purchase of my life in order to get a copy of this song which I remember fondly from years ago. I wish I could link it for you now, because it is so moving. (I linked it here!)

My traveling companions will include St. John of the Cross and these Medieval and Renaissance saints, as discussed by Pope Benedict.

And, as I know the Lord will be with me, I'm sure He will make the journey to Easter very engaging.

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