Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Belated Feast Day

I am several days late; so sorry.
For several years now my family has participated in the pious custom of "being chosen" by a special patron for the year. The idea is that a system akin to lots is used, with prayer of course, for a certain saint to select each of us as a special companion for the year. Many times we have seen a special significance and resonance from the get-go; other times it has become more evident as the year goes on.
This year my special patron is St. Scholastica. This made me smile right away. She, of course, is most famously associated with her twin brother, St. Benedict, and there is the well-known story of how they would meet but once a year, each leaving their respective monasteries. In the year she died, she longed to spend more time with her brother, but he would not hear of it because he did not wish to break his own rule by being away from his monastery over night. She prayed, and there was a violent storm. "Sister! What have you done?" Benedict asked her. "You said no to my request, so I asked God, and He said yes," she answered. I have to admire a woman who persists in seeking what she desires.
St. Scholastica, pray for us!

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