Friday, January 16, 2009

Loving That Rebounding

Two months ago I posted about my introduction to rebounding. Some time later, thanks to Angela's eagle eyes, I scored a very cheap rebounder from a local thrift shop. And some time after that, namely last week, I decided to give it more than the occasional bounce.

And I'm hooked!

I've been giving it at least a good 10 minute go for over a week now (yes, every single day -- this is amazing for me!). I have never really enjoyed exercise before this, although there have been times when I have been somewhat diligent (like during pregnancy). But I find myself actually looking forward to my rebounding minutes.

I probably don't need anything to boost my appetite (for food) any higher, but I have sensed my metabolism speeding up as I am even hungrier than usual. And, there have been rumors circulating that I actually have muscles in my stomach as my little post-operative (endometriosis) pouch has changed shape somewhat. But the weirdest thing I have experienced is that my sleep cycles have been very different. I have actually been tired at night and awake in the mornings. I am hoping that by blogging about this I will jinx it, because this is not the way my life is used to being structured! I have actually felt rather energetic during the day, but this getting tired at 9pm just will not do. For one thing, no one has given my children the memo. For another thing, how do I get in the swing of blogging when the sun is shining?!?

Well, I'll deal.

And now I'm hoping this will wear off.

But, if I could manage to eat chocolate at night and still fall asleep, I might just try to get used to early morning blogging. Time for a little caffeine experimentation!


Justine said...

Hey, I keep meaning to tell you that, based on your blog recommendation a while ago, I bought a rebounder too! I was really in the market for a treadmill, but the $$$ was giving me pause. I love the darn thing! It not only tides me over on rainy days (I'd rather be running outside) but also my wild boys have taken to bouncing on it and NOT ON THE FURNITURE. At least, not as much.

So, thanks. :)

Shauna said...

Good for you Marie! We have a rebounder that the boys have used for therapy...and we now use it for sanity when they can't jump outside. I've been contemplating the possibility of trying to use it myself regularly...and after reading your success I just might. Thanks for sharing.

Angela said...

Good to know that my eagle eye counts for something!