Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I saw the funniest thing....

Sunday afternoon we were driving home from Ontario. Not far into our trip, along the mouth of Lake Ontario, one of the major skyway bridges was closed off due to extremely high winds. This meant a detour of four lanes of racing highway traffic onto a two-lane service road. Ok, no problem; I'd rather creep along for an hour than be blown into the angry waves of Lake Ontario.

When we actually got to the service road itself, we had a great view of the lake, and it was then that I saw the funniest thing. It was a seagull, flapping in the air for all it was worth, and essentially hovering in the air motionless. I mean, minus the wing-flapping part. It looked like an invisible hand was holding it while it tried in vain to get away. I wondered to myself if it was doing this for fun, for sport, or if this is the best survival technique birds have in the face of raging winds. Since we were nearly at a standstill ourselves, I had a few minutes to watch it and marvel at the sight.

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