Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What Am I Doing Here, Anyway?

Oh the woes of blogging. I've been looking at different blogs, and noticing how little my blog is read, and feeling lonely about it. Ok, it's been a stressful week coming off the busy Holy Week and Easter celebration, followed up by Confirmation at our parish, for which I was a sponsor. I'm pretty wiped out, have not been getting good sleep, so I'm "less emotionally adjusted" than usual.

Yeah, whatever.

I think I started out just to have this be my personal sharing venue. Sharing with whomever. Then I started a private blog to just talk about my kids and update grandmas and stuff (one of which never reads it, anyway!). So I don't talk about my kids as much here. I want to share all of the Direction for our Times messages, so I've done that.

But I get so very heavy and serious and then that becomes my standard, so I end up not really talking about my life and stuff I think about, which was kinda the point in the first place.

So I was thinking of joining the Unschooling blog ring, then I noticed how little I talk about unschooling.

Maybe I should start a blog ring of pathetic people who like to be read by other people but aren't. I'll call it "None of My Imaginary Friends are Talking to Me". I've been looking for a use for that phrase for quite a while.

Maybe part of the problem has been I don't really have time to think recently. Or, if I do think, I don't have time to blog my thoughts.

When I was a teen I used to wait for the mail to come plopping onto our porch floor, hoping for a piece of mail for me. These days I check my email to see if anyone has written.



Cindy said...

Hi Marie..

I am reading!!!

Hey, I can relate. My blog went through many 'identity crises'.. lol I tried a really private blog that only I could read so I could journal more.. but found with no audience, I didn't have the oomph to write.

My blog is also very small. It has gone through many personality changes.. and 'purposes' though some were not really known to me. For a while I was working out unschooling, learning, what it all meant. It got pretty deep. Well, deep for me, :)

Then it has evolved more into a place I just post thoughts and some events. My boys dont' like to be publicized too much (and at least one of them reads my blog, so another reason not to put him on stage..) and I think the same 7 people read it. But it is good because we keep up with each other that way. You know most of my readers.. they are on UC for the most part.

I love to read your blog, but need to put the link to it somewhere I will see it. I only check about 5 blogs now. I got blog burnout and overwhelmed by the depth of many blogs out there. They are beautiful, but found I had to limit myself.

So... I am here reading. Don't despair.. your blog will find its way and those meant to read will. You may want to put your url on the end of some of your posts on UC and other places. I found if I do that occasionally, new people will read or old friends will find me again!

If you start your 'pathetic' ring, can I be on it? :)

God Bless,
Cindy in Houston

Marie said...

Hi Cindy,

Oh dear.... I wonder what's worse -- not having readers, or having readers and being embarrased by it! :)

I do think there are purposes that I only figure out weeks/months (maybe years) down the road. It's all good.

I am still on heavy sleep mess-up overload and hope to feel human again as soon as I can actually sleep all night long once.