Sunday, December 10, 2006


Yesterday, I participated in a retreat sponsored by the local Catholic homeschool support group. I wanted to record a few bloggable bits and insights that I picked up throughout, in one way or another.

* "You are not the victim of your frustrations; you are the creator of them." Frustration comes when you meet something that blocks your way, but you insist on banging your head against it and persisting in going your way anyway. The answer comes either in going a different way, or maybe just waiting. Ask Jesus "What do You want me to do now?" when an occasion that could turn frustrating arises.

* If you question whether Jesus cares about the details of your life, you need to meditate on a crucifix. If I doubt His love, He would say to me, "Woman, where is your mind?!?" Imagine how Jesus feels when He went (and goes) to such extreme lengths to prove His love and still we are not sure.

* Take First Fridays and First Saturdays seriously. There are many aspects of Catholic life that I don't at all deny, but have never lived with purposeful seriousness. These are two examples. I go to daily Mass almost every day of the year, but observing First Friday and First Saturday means more than going to Mass on these days. I need to re-appreciate things that have seemed "too devotional" or perhaps quaint to me in the past. Jesus because Jesus or Mary spoke promises or concerns centuries or decades ago doesn't mean they aren't still valid. Probably they are all the more valid than ever before.

* I really do know in my knower when I've taken in all I can. I need to trust that and be willing to act on it.

* I need protein to keep me ticking.

It was so beautiful to have four hours with lots of silence. I do regret not bringing a notebook (or at least a pen!!) with me.

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