Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St. Claude's Feast, and the Challenges of the Day

Today is the feast of St. Claude de la Columbiere (1641-1682) who has been the patron saint of my recording project. This came as a surprise to me today -- that it was his feast day, I mean. I had known the date of it at one point, but obviously forgot. When I chose this saint through my favorite Saint's Name Generator I had no idea who he was. But then as I read about him and especially when I read his writings, I could not doubt or deny the perfect fit he has been for me in this project. Although it is hard to convey the particulars, I read one passage from him on Holy Saturday last year that shifted something very significant in my soul. I believe I am still working through the fruit of that. I have asked his intercession every day over the last year, and in particular whenever I've face some moment of critical felt need with recording. And I see now I'll need to continue doing so as I am faced with getting this music into the hands, ears and hearts of listeners.

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Every day lately the Lord seems to be rather sternly challenging me with a directive of faith. To say that more plainly, every day I feel convicted to stand in faith, and to act in faith, even though emotionally I feel flatter than a pancake about it. This is exactly how it struck me when I realized this morning it was St. Claude's feast day: it is another sharp reminder to live in faith. I feel weak and silly. I feel suddenly how terribly self-centered my life has been, without my even realizing it. And yet God calls me to great faith. I suppose this is really why I feel weak, silly and selfish. God's light reveals the crud. I don't want to say "no more light!" so I face the crud. And my children ask me why I keep spontaneously exclaiming "Lord, have mercy!" throughout the day!

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