Friday, January 05, 2007

The Importance of Setting Goals

Brain Science New Years Resolutions

This article has me pondering my own goal-setting. I believe in a way as I have been lead down the path of a Lay Apostle, the Lord has been trying to establish in me (in all of us) the goal of striving for sanctity through devotion to daily duty. This is pretty much the basic thrust of the Christian Faith, but it certainly has been reawakened to me with specific import. For example, I began feeling drawn to always pray a daily consecration about a year ago, so when I discovered this as a key element in the Lay Apostle spiritual practices, it was a natural fit.

This also raises questions in my mind about other goals: what about my children's education/unschooling; what about my tendancy to make a goal out of every interest I ever have?

Much more pondering to do here, not enough time right now.

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Leonie said...

Thank you for sharing the link - I have heard a lot of postive things about the author's book and really need to think about the goals article. Repetition and emotions.